Racing Syndicates


Creating and managing a racing syndicate

Syndicate Management

Whether you are a racehorse owner, breeder, already run syndicates or train racehorses, syndication is the way to bring people into racehorse ownership. The ability to share the costs of buying, racing and training a racehorse means more people can afford to enjoy the thrill of ownership. helps you attract and then manage your shareholders in a racehorse effectively.

To us, a 'racing syndicate' is simply a racehorse which is owned by more than one person. It could be just three or four people, or dozens - and when it's more than just a couple, that's when managing the syndicate starts to become difficult. Keeping syndicate members informed, up-to-date, organising visits to the stables and sorting out Owners badges when the horse runs all have to be managed professionally by someone. When you factor in the paperwork, prizemoney, training fees and most of all, the time taken to achieve all this, its easy to see why some trainers don't want to deal with syndicates!

So, why

Our syndicate management service provides an online and mobile-ready suite of tools which manages all aspects of Owners requirements. Trainers or Syndicate Managers can effectively manage their racehorses, and their shareholders/owners from their mobile, tablet, laptop or PC. Our service covers every area of racehorse ownership, right down to the allocation of prizemoney, the payment of fees and of course, all the communication which are required to deliver a professional service.

Here are just some of the features of the service:

Service Description Benefit
Owner recruitment Get listed on the SyndicateManager website, one of the busiest racehorse ownership portals in the UK. A very cost-effective method of advertising your syndicate.
Add Owners and horses when you wish You may add and remove owners and horses from your syndicates at the touch of a button. Like every process within SyndicateManager, it is completed within BHA guidelines. Complete control of ownership and communications.
Manage multiple horses and syndicates from one place SyndicateManager can place all your syndicates and your owners at your fingertips. Manage your entire stable from one place, with virtually all communications being done for you. Robust management of owners.
Purchase and fee management Depending on how you wish to configure your syndicate, will allow you to take immediate direct debit payments for shares, straight to your bank account. Your monthly fees could suddenly become very easy to manage!
Debt management Cashflow for trainers is very important. will warn you when syndicate members have missed monthly Direct Debit payments. Control your cashflow and react to non-payment quickly.
Owners Badge Allocation enables you to allocate badges, then the system communicates your allocations to both shareholders and the racecourse. Get rid of race-day headaches and badge allocation issues.
Prizemoney Allocation Once a race has been run, SyndicateManager will provide the result, and can be configured to confirm prizemoney allocations to Syndicate Managers and shareholders. Accurate Owners prizemoney calculations the day the race is run.
Entry and Declaration management A full suite of entry, declaration and result communications, without any input required from the syndicate manager. Keep your shareholders up-to-date with immediate messaging.
Reporting and Newsletter distribution Post messages, reports and newsletters - and distribute them to shareholders immediately and automatically. Clever stuff which lets you update owners from your mobile.
Photo and Video distribution Take a few photos and videos on the gallops, email them straight from your mobile to and the horse's owners immediately get communications and access to them. True e-service! Brand new technology which brings ownership to life.
Stable visit management No more syndicate members pitching up at the stables un-announced. This booking system means Owners can request and then have their visit times approved. Effective stable management.

How do we deliver this service? is a sophisticated management system which has been created expressly for the syndication of racehorses. Our software and services are already managing over 30 syndicates a year, and over 50 racehorses. We only work with clients who understand the long-term value of our product and work with us on an ongoing basis. We integrate with your marketing to ensure you can effectively sell your syndicates and management professionally.