Free Advert and Sales Processing


Once setup, all adverts and sales processing is FREE


In order to sell your syndicate shares effectively online, you need a professional platform to sell them on. We charge a small setup fee but subsequently you may use our selling systems for free - for as long as it takes to sell your shares. Our systems will advertise your share effectively, process leads and manage them, provide an online sign-up to your syndicate agreement, and also process your new owners Direct Debit set-up! All this within a private and secure environment which is configured to operate on whatever device your customer is using.


Here are just some of the features of the advertising service:

Service Description Benefit
One-time setup fee Once listed, your racehorse is free to advertise for the rest of its racing career. A very cost-effective method of advertising your syndicate.
Professional look and feel Your selling pages look great on a PC, tablet or even a mobile. Be professional for less.
Manage your own adverts SyndicateManager can place all your adverts at your fingertips. Halt ads, edit them, increase prices, re-list shares... Robust management of ads.
Feature your syndicates on your own website A major benefit. Link from your website direct to your own advert pages, configured to only feature your own syndicates. Maintain your brand throughout.
Automated Owner Setup New owners can literally buy straight from the internet via safe, secure and cheap direct debit True e-commerce for your business.
Feature on our public syndication pages Your adverts will appear on our public pages, as well as your own feature pages - for greater spead of publicity Increase your reach.

How can you do this for free?

The set-up of the syndicate is the major cost to us - as it takes time to get the syndicate information together, understand how you will be operating your syndicate and ensuring your syndicate agreement and payment options are in place and professionally acceptable. This is why we charge a fee for the set-up of each racehorse.

However, once your advert is set-up, our systems will allow you to manage your adverts for free. We'll be honest - we want you to see how easy it will be for you to manage your syndicate through our service and become a full client. So we are happy to offer ongoing advertising and sales processing at a great rate.