Scopey middle-distance filly (3YO in 2019) in training with Ollie Pears.

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Photos and videos of Swerved

Trainer and Syndicate comments for Swerved

Swerved is probably one of the best looking and exciting young horses we have ever owned as a 2YO in the North. She really is an impressive racehorse even though she is still a yearling. Ollie Pears admitted that he had looked at her in the paddocks at the sales and by her size and scope, along with her impressive pedigree, he assumed she would be far too expensive.

"I was walking away from the bidding area, but then realised that she wasnt going for as much as I thought." Ollie told us "I went back in and bid at the last opportunity, not expecting for one moment that she would be knocked down to me, and thirty seconds later Id bought her for you!"

Ollie told us "She is wonderfully bred and has plenty about her. Shes probably the biggest, most imposing filly I have ever bought at the sales, but for a large horse she walks like a ballerina. Excellebration has done really well with his first few seasons as a sire, and this youngster looks like having far more scope than just a 2YO - I think she will work out well."

Shareholders should be aware that this filly is likely to need six furlongs and possibly seven furlongs as a starting trip, so we dont expect her to be racing at the very start of the 2018 season. Ollie stated "I would view her as a horse who will get going in June when the six furlong races start to become more numerous in the programme book. I would guess that she will need a mile by the end of the season. She reminds me a bit of Dyna Might [another Ownaracehorse filly with Ollie], as shes a similar type and we could find ourselves taking a similar route - hopefully with the same success."

Ollie Pears commented "So far she has proved to be down-to-earth, switched off, and has been well handled by her breeders. We will get her broken in fairly soon and have her ready to kick on with in January."

This filly is currently at Ollie Pears yard in Malton and will be broken in before November and then enter full training straight afterwards. After trotting and cantering in December, she will have a short rest before getting ready to start racing in May to July of the 2018 season.

We are already reporting on the fillys progress for shareholders on an ad-hoc basis, reporting on the major breakthroughs with her training - and we will provide regular updates on her progress on the gallops and with her education in detail from January onwards. During the heart of the season we publish update reports every 7-10 days, and more regularly when she actively starts racing.

If everything goes to plan, and Swerved is far enough forward both mentally and physically, she will get plenty more gallop experience up the Langton Wold Gallop at Malton and will be racing right through summer and autumn 2018. We expect between 3 and 7 runs from this filly this season, and she will most likely race around the Yorkshire, Lancashire and North Eastern racetracks.

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