Tom Gretton Racing Club

Jumping club where you own your racehorses outright.

£0.00 joining fee, then £0.00 Monthly training fees.

To purchase, choose your share then click 'Buy Share' and complete our owner set-up process. Alternatively, submit a request to the Syndicate for more information. Do so today and you should receive a reply by 25th January 2022 or earlier.

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Trainer and Syndicate comments for Tom Gretton Racing Club

The Tom Gretton Racing Club has enjoyed plenty of winners and continues to provide a novel way into racehorse ownership.

The Club is aimed at racing enthusiasts who are looking to follow horses through their entire career, rather than just a season. It is novel in that you will be owning your shares in each racehorse outright - so you will benefit from any prizemoney or eventual sales values each horse earns! Tom is based in Inkberrow, near Stratford and so horses in the club will race in the Midlands, but could also travel further afield as determined by the available races.

You will own 1% in each of the two racehorses and can enjoy all the standard owner benefits such as prizemoney, yard visits and owners badges when your racehorse runs. This Club also uses the management system to ensure you have the best in shareholder service. You will receive regular news, photos and written and audio reports from your trainer and syndicate manager.

The club always has two racehorses, and at the moment they are Shaws Dillema and Committee Of One.

Shaws Dilemma is a Novice Chaser and Committee Of One is a handicap hurdler. The latter has already won in 2021 at the rewarding odds of 66/1.

The Club is based at Tommys training yard at Inkberrow which is a quiet, friendly, family run yard. Club members will get the chance to visit their horses on a frequent basis with stable visits arranged every 4-6 weeks via your online account.

Potential owners are more than welcome to contact the Club Manager, Laura Gretton (07789754806) before purchasing.