Syndicate Managers & Trainers Frequently Asked Questions

This page of answers to standard questions about our service is for prospective Syndicates and Syndicate Managers. If you are looking to join a syndicate, then see our FAQ just for you.

How it works

Using the Syndicate Manager Service

Other Queries

How it works

Is SyndicateManager.com right for me?
If you have syndicated horses before, for fun, or as a living, you will recognise that SyndicateManager.com will make your life very much easier. There is an expectation from Owners, and that expectation is that they will be kept right up to date with their horse's wellbeing, its entries and what the trainer is thinking. SyndicateManager does all of these things and more, and we doubt whether ANY syndicate will not benefit hugely from selling to and managing their syndicates using our service. But you don't have to believe us - you can try out the service for up to a month for free and decide for yourself.

What is it you actually do?
Syndicate Manager provides two primary services - as a means of advertising your syndicate and receiving leads which may turn into shareholders, and as a professional management system, which enables you to keep your shareholders up to date, post messages, photos and videos to them, as well as managing prizemoney, badge allocations, monthly payments and yard visits.

Why would my owners need this service?
Racehorse syndication is a competitive business, and to survive you have to provide a service which outstrips the competition. It's simply not good enough to take shareholders money every month and offer nothing more than a newsletter every now and again. SyndicateManager.com automates 75% of the management tasks you face in running a syndicate - and your shareholders will thank you for using us, because they will immediately get access to much more information and keep them in touch with their racehorse.

Can I sell shares as well as manage them?
YES. We offer a syndicate advertising which is available as a stand-alone, off-the-shelf service at very competitive rates.

How does charging my owners work?
You can decide to use our set-up and pay monthly direct debit service, or you can continue to collect your payments the way you currently do, and just use SyndicateManager.com to disseminate your invoices and chase late payments, or switch off the payments service completely. Our monthly direct debit service enables you to set-up shareholders and take Direct Debit payments directly into your bank account every month, with only a 1% charge (£2.00 maximum per payment).

Whats so special about SyndicateManager.com?
We know our system works, because we have been managing syndicates using the service since 2004. We have managed over 20,000 shareholders within hundreds of syndicates. Also, we only work with syndicates with the highest moral code of conduct - we refuse access to more syndicates than we take on - in order to ensure the Syndicate Manager's who use our service are successful.

If I don't like the service can I just walk away?
YES. We do not tie syndicates into long term contracts. You can cease using the service whenever you wish, and only pay up to the month end.

Using the Syndicate Manager Service

How much does the Syndicate Manager service cost?
Your Owners/shareholders will not be charged anything. We charge the syndicate manager - its up to you to include the cost of our service within your syndication fees.

We charge per owner, per racehorse. A syndicate with 5-10 owners will be charged between £60 and £90 per month for the use of our management service.

I've already got syndicates - can I put them in SyndicateManager.com?
Absoloutely! You simply set up your racehorse(s), then add your owners to the syndicate. We then communicate with them by email or text message in order to get them into the system.

I like the idea but it all sounds complicated...
As long as you can operate the basics of a PC or Smart Phone, you can manage your syndicate with SyndicateManager.com. Our entire suite of websites which operate the service are all created to operate on a PC, Tablet or mobile phone. As long as you have the basic IT abilities to take photos, videos, and talk about your racehorse, your service will operate successfully. We have totally non-PC literate trainers who use the system successfully every day.

Can I make the service look like its part of my company?
As a customer of SyndicateManager.com you will have access to your own private pages which only display your own horses for sale, and provide your own login. However, for large clients we can provide self-hosted login pages and personalised livery.

I don't like the idea of you having all my owners personal details...
We only use your client's personal data to communicate on your behalf. Owner data is not available to any other syndicate, and you, as the syndicate manager own the data - we will NEVER contact, sell, lease or use your Owners/Shareholders data for ANY purpose other than managing their racehorse professionally for you.

How much work do I need to do?
That's up to you! We will ensure you provide a base service which will provide Owners with a decent level of management - as long as you also put in about 15 minutes a week per racehorse. However, information is key when managing a racing syndicate, and if you want to impress your Owners, and really take their service to a new level, Syndicate Manager will allow you to do so. It's entirely down to the individual syndicate manager how they use our systems. We enable syndicate managers to provide a truely professional service.

Other Queries

Who is SyndicateManager.com?
SyndicateManager.com is run by a small team of racing and IT professionals, based in York, UK. We have been involved in racing and syndicating racehorses for over 20 years, and understand what is required to run a successful syndicate. We are a technology company who build specialist, sophisticated, data-rich websites and apps.

Can I have a free test of the service?
Our management service is offered FREE for the first syndicate your create and your first FOUR owners. Once you go over the four owners you will be charged our standard prices. Please note that a charge is always payable for advertising your racehorse.

It all sounds great - how do I sign up?
You need to fill in a syndicate request. We will then evaluate the syndicate and then instruct you via email how to set up the syndicate.

Why do you ask for my bank account details?
All our invoices and charges are paid directly via your bank account by Direct Debit each month. In order to pay for your fees, we require your basic Bank Account details when you first set-up your syndicate. Because we use the Direct Debit system you are covered by all the Direct Debit Guarantees - which are actually more stringent than if you were using a credit card.