Our Guarantee


Peace of mind when joining a syndicate

If you have plenty of experience of joining racing syndicates, you will know that although choosing the horse is important - its the way the syndicate is managed which can determine whether you enjoy your racing experience.

We have been managing syndicates with our online systems for over a dozen years, managing hundreds of syndicates and thousands of syndicate members. So, we know a thing or two about what's required to make a syndicate work. We will not feature any syndicate which cannot adhere to our acceptance criteria

When buying from our syndicate listings

If you purchase a share in a syndicate we feature in our 'Find a Syndicate' section of our public website, we can offer the following guarantees:

  • That the racehorse(s) are as described in the syndicate's information
  • That the racehorse(s) will be registered with Weatherby's; or,
  • In the case of 2YO's or unraced older horses, proof of ownership will have been established
  • That the syndicate name will be associated with the racehorse at Weatherby's prior to racing
  • That in the trainer's or a vet's opinion, the animal is fit to be syndicated

Any syndicate which does not pass our acceptance criteria is unable to be featured on SyndicateManager.com.

Syndicates Managed using our systems

We are able to provide further guarantees when a syndicate is managed through our online systems:

  • All owners will receive a Syndicate Agreement which clearly outlines the way the syndicate will be run
  • All entries and declarations will be notified to you by both text message and email
  • You will recieve regular update reports - otherwise the person responsible for your syndicate will receive warning alerts
  • Badges registrations and allocations will all be managed online
  • You will have a Helpdesk available during working hours should any element of our systems not work for you
  • All Direct Debit payments are totally within your control

Of course we can only provide these guarantees if the syndicate is actively using our service. If the syndicate decides to stop using our management systems, then all the above guarantees cease immediately. However, should your syndicate decide to stop using our service, you will be contacted by email to alert you.

IMPORTANT: All our guarantees cover the quality of the service delivery - not the content of messages/reports, or the quality of the racing experience - that's down to the individual syndicate manager's diligence and the ability of your racehorse on the track.